Making the world a more beautiful and vibrant place, creative people are now so particular about how they want things done to satisfy others. It all starts with a beautiful design, then a round of grand appreciation from others, and then followed by the continuous pursuit of creating more.

People can do more and better through the Creative Market, a place built specifically for passionate creators and designers alike. The Creative Market has already released it’s Big Bundle III which hopes to give the best value of your money’s worth.

Buy and Sell Digital Stuff at Creative Market

Creative Market wants to be the easiest place for you to buy and sell digital creative productions online. All designs are carefully handcrafted (with mouse) by amazing and independent designers. Most of the designs are project-ready as they’re properly formatted to easily be incorporated in the content.

Things You’ll See in the Creative Market

Currently, there are only five different categories of content that you can either buy or sell in the Creative Market as well as some add-ons for your design process.

Photos- the site now offers stock photos in a long list of categories which can be used in website designing and blogging.

Graphics- here you’ll get fantastic icons, background textures, UI kits, and other graphical resources created with an editing software, all are non-coded. Items may be priced ranging from $5 up to $60

Templates- in this section, you’ll find layered PSD and vector files for your marketing collateral such as business cards, brochures, flyers, invitations, presentations, and even web sites.

Themes- Most themes that you’ll see in this section are for WordPress, though there are simple Tumblr themes present. A few key design companies contribute to fill this area with interesting themes like UpThemes, MediaLoot, ThemeFuse, and more.

Fonts- the platform features interesting, solid typefaces that are currently in demand and are difficult to find. Unlike other paid fonts services, the Market Place is offering an impressive typeface collection at a very affordable rate.

Add-Ons– Brushes, actions, shapes, layer styles, and other tools needed to aid the designer in making the project can be found here. These add-ons are ready to use in Photoshop and Illustrator so you’ll render less hassle in coming up with a unique and beautiful work.

The Creative Market Lets You Control the Price

As a seller, isn’t it frustrating to see your hardwork and creativity being priced at such a low rate by other people? Certainly, some of these people don’t know the struggle of creating something new out of nothing. With Creative Market, your dedication and effort won’t be put into waste as it lets its users decide on the prices of their items.

Now, this is a free market indeed.