Sure, it’s convenient to withdraw cash from ATMs but we’re really not happy knowing that our savings will be deducted because of the fees. Imagine getting your money without the deduction, wouldn’t it be nice to have your money full in your hands? But although it’s free, there’s always a catch to it, right?

FreeATM does with its advertisement-driven objective. And its machines are already rolling out across New York City in 25 locations, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Now people from the big apple can take advantage of surcharge-free cash withdrawal out of their banks.

Never Pay Fees with FreeATM

FreeATM is a company that offers surcharge-free automated teller machines. Anyone from any bank can withdraw cash from FreeATMs and save a considerable amount simply watching an advertisement from a partner brand. The company counts on advertisement partners to make this big advantage possible for consumers.

The company is slowly expanding its reach, hoping to comply to the demands from retail stores across New York City and possibly from other states. FreeATM also serves as both advertising and marketing channel for local businesses. And they’re targeting the domestic market such as independently owned places like coffee shops and gas stations. 

Push Marketing for Local Businesses

Domestic brands that want to create awareness or call to action with their marketing campaigns are given a unique set of attributes to effectively target and engage particular audiences based on location, venue type, day part, demographic, and socioeconomic status. Because the company uses location-based targeting, advertisers can go deep into the local market and directly reach their target audience.

During and after the FreeATM transaction, advertisers can engage consumers with their advertisements. This is a good and well-timed strategy, right at the time that consumers are likely open to make some purchase decisions.

Free Advertisments for Merchants

FreeATM merchants can get the benefit of being advertised by the company. FreeATM advertises the locations of their machines at local events so it’s possible that your business will get featured, too. Targeted social media campaigns will help spread the word about your local business and its association with FreeATM. That’s free marketing right there!