Acorns, a mobile app that lets you invest your spare change in Wall Street, has become a hit on the first quarter of the year… because certainly, you don’t want your dimes and nickels in your pockets. People would rather hand them over to Wall Street for a long term revenue yield. And why not? They sure can with the app.

Now, Acorns offers another service that investors may be thankful for- the Investments Automated Portfolio Management. This may not be the first company to offer such as robo-adviser services like WealthBar do the same. Yet, Acorns cling to the fact that its system is backed up by a Nobel-Prize winning economist; thus, your money is sure to give smart returns.

Introducing the Acorns Automated Portfolio Management

The Acorns Automated Portfolio Management is a new service feature that would help small time investors manages their portfolios without a hassle. The app uses a powerful mathematical framework called the Modern Portfolio Theory which automates Acorns processes for handling investment programs.

The company is run by a team of world-class engineers and mathematicians. The framework employed for the company was built with the help of Dr. Harry Markowitz, the Nobel Laureate who’s known for being the “Father of Modern Portfolio Theory.”

What Does Acorn Portfolio Management Do

Acorns’ Automated Portfolio Management will diversify your portfolio depending on your risk tolerance. It will gather diversified asset classes so your investment is optimised to yield the highest expected return for a given level of risk. This is how the Modern Portfolio works.

The company will also automatically rebalance your portfolio to its target allocation during market fluctuations. This is to constantly align your portfolio with your level of risk.

Acorns also invests your money in low cost and manageable ETFs, though the ETFs have separate expenses from Acorns services. The company doesn’t even charge commissions for their services so users can save a lot than by going through the traditional path.

Setting Up Acorn

Registering to Acorn is very easy. You can start off by downloading the app from the App Store, Amazon, and Google Play for free. With just your spare change from a random purchase, you can immediately open an Accorns account.

You can also add and withdraw funds anytime you like without being charged with fees or penalties.