A lot of aspiring authors have been promoting their works on free publishing platforms, hoping to gain recognition and a little fan base from millions of readers. Some were successful enough to get themselves a few people rooting for them, and an eager margin was able to have their books on print. Those were the lucky few, but not all have become best sellers.

Amazon, being the online publishing platform that has the most active readers, recently introduced Kindle Scout, the program which would somehow make a few aspiring authors’ dream come true.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime for Writers

Kindle Scout, Amazon’s publishing program for aspiring authors, offers readers a chance to upvote or nominate newly unpublished books to make it to the Kindle Store. Readers are only presented excerpts from these unpublished books and nominate the book they think is worth their thumbs up.

After the 30-day voting period, Amazon then analyses which book stands out best aside from its popularity among readers. The chosen book will then be funded for publishing under Kindle Press and launched on Kindle Store. The whole process takes 45 days or less, from book submission to publication.

What’s in Store for Kindle Scout Readers

The readers who have nominated a book from Kindle Scout will gain free book credits for participating. But the credits will only go to the Kindle Scout users who voted for Amazon’s chosen book. These people will then get the free full version of the e-book a week before the publication day.

Kindle Scout users can only nominate once in each category. For now, the new program only has three categories: Romance, Mystery & Thriller, and Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Incentives for Authors

After 45-day full selection process, the chosen book will then be published and the author will receive a 5-year term of publishing rights, a $1,500 advance, 50% royalties on e-book sales, easy rights reversions, and a marketing feature from Amazon.

Book submission is open for everyone.