Amazon Web Services, though still standing as a market leader, is now up against big public cloud companies which offer commercial database engine solutions like Oracle with the new database service Aurora. This new relational database, as announced is 1/10 cheaper than the cost of other relational database services.

Aurora Says It’s Faster than Competitors

Aurora is Amazon Web Services subsidiary of its own Amazon Relational Database Service engine which combines the speed and availability of other trusted and popular commercial databases. MySQL-compatible Aurora can be easily managed and is cost effective unlike other providers.

Yet, even though the company seemingly calls for a war once again against Oracle, it somehow has integrated the notable database engine into its RDS along with MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SAP. The new comprehensive database engine is just right for enterprise level customers.

What Separates Aurora from Other Services

Except for being fresh in the market, Aurora proves to be a whole lot different from its competitors. The new service is faster, whereby it has the capability to handle 6 million inserts per minute and 30 million selects per minute, with a large additional storage space of 10 GB increments on a daily basis that can be scaled up to 64 TB if need be.

Against other services, Aurora also has 5x largest RDS MySQL instance, 5x MySQL on EC2, on I2 instances with 8 local SSDs, and 2x RAM disk. You can also add replicas with a couple of clicks as well as scale the instance size in minutes.

Unlike Oracle, customers would like how Amazon is making the fast service cheaper and cost-effective. Oracle’s cost structure has been the problem of its customers, especially that several institutions have been using the service because they think it’s a prerequisite. However, with Aurora, the service starts at 29 cents an hour. That’s basically a tiny percentage than what others are charging.

Aurora, Still in Preview

The database engine Aurora is still in its preview stage. Amazon is launching the Amazon Aurora preview version only in the US East Region, specifically in Northern Virginia. If you’re interested into previewing this incredible service, you’ll have to fill in the enrollment form Amazon will provide.