When it comes to managing and updating your database, forget spreadsheets. Although they look basic and easy to use, they’re not as intuitive and perfect for relational database. This type of information goes beyond what simple applications are capable of doing.

Today, as the world embraces more information within its reach and its creation, you need the tools that could give you full power to effectively create, handle, and manipulate data. This can also be done with the brands new Airtable.

Get Full Database Solutions with Airtable

Airtable is a database platform which manages data the fastest and most efficient. It has more powerful features than what an average spreadsheet can offer for your data. The platform lets you choose from an array of templates, tools, and applications to boost your user experience and perform appropriate functions with your data.

Airtable is like a one-stop shop for whatever your data needs. Plus, you can easily edit your database like you’re editing a spreadsheet. You can never lose a data in it since you’re given the ability to undo any mistake or change you’ve made including deletions. And unlike in spreadsheet, you can go back to specific changes to a row. You can take snapshots to restore older versions of your data anytime.

Airtable’s Collaboration Feature

One of the good things about this platform is it enables users to collaborate with the maintenance of the database. Every change done by a team member will automatically be synced with other users. There’s also a feed which displays the changes made to track others’ activities. You can also send notification alerts to your teammates by mentioning them.

Airtable Supports Mobile

Airtable is fully optimised for mobile so you can access your database conveniently. It supports iOS devices and has a trendy yet user-friendly interface which seamlessly works for users’ easy access.

Airtable has four pricing plans: Basic (Free), Plus ($12/user/month), Pro ($30/user/month), and Enterprise (TBA). The service will be released in beta.