It’s not rather surprising to see parents pay college admission counselors to guide their children into making the best choices in college. It’s a practice that the modern wealthy families are doing just to get the best out of their investments through college. Of course, they want the best for their children.

AdmitHub, the company that wants to help parents and students choose the right school and degree programs for college, has launched a new accompanying feature to their main peer-to-peer consultation service. It’s called AboutAdmissions and it’s for free.

AboutAdmissions- the Q & A Forum for Admissions Advice

AboutAdmissions is an online question and answer platform much like Reddit’s forum which aims to answer the questions of students and parents on college admissions. Questions like which is the best school to choose, what degree program to take that aligns to the personal interest of the student, the amount to pay for admitting your child, the requirements to submit, and other college-related questions.

The good thing about using this platform is that your questions are answered by legitimate college admission officers, deans, & directors or by an expert of some sort. Unlike other admission guidance programs similar to AdmitHub, the company only charges less than its counterparts. But to fully serve more students, they’ve made their services free for everyone with AboutAdmissions.

AboutAdmissions Combats Other Unregulated Similar Sites

AboutAdmissions is not the only one playing in the college consultancy arena. There are a lot of unregulated peer-to-peer sites that offer quality advice for students, yet not all answers are correct. In effect, most admission officers have a hard time correcting these misinformation and misconceptions.

What makes AboutAdmissions different is that it partners with many admissions officers from a range of reputable schools like Harvard, MIT, Brown, Princeton, Stanford, and others. It’s also been said that these college admissions officers are willing to pay AboutAdmissions to increase their school visibility.

More Services to Come

AdmitHub has announced that its planning on catering to the interest of post grad students. There’s also a potential market on these people, so the need to design another platform centered on law, business, medical, and other professional programs is now in the works.