Certainly, there’s this efficient method for writers to concentrate more on their writing and finish their articles on or before their due dates. We’ve got these markdown text editors to the rescue. What’s more fitting than by installing this kind of app into your smartphones? Enter 1Writer, the app that’ll help you type text without much distraction on your iPhone.

1Writer- the Versatile Markdown Editor

1Writer is an iOS app markdown text editor that’s packed with amazing features. It’s more than just your average word processor as it syncs data seamlessly between devices. The app can be integrated with third party apps so users can give full control over their documents.

1Writer has also the ability to sync content written in the app with Dropbox or iCloud so you can easily retrieve your documents on any device anytime and anywhere you want. You can also share or publish your content to Twitter, Evernote, CloudApp, and Dropbox. Custom URL functions are also supported when added.

1Writer Features

Through 1Writer’s flexible folder manager, you can easily add existing folders from your cloud-hosting service such as Dropbox, iCloud. Aside from this automated feature, you can also create local folders and reorder them if need be.

In order to group related documents, using hashtags is the suggested action to do. Hashtags are also useful when searching for a particular set of documents. The app also has the capability to let you preview your document while still writing.

Other Extra Features

– x-callback

-url support.

– Passcode lock.

– TextExpander Touch support.

– Work offline and sync your changes next time you connect to the Internet.

– Insert photos.

– In-app browser.

– Color themes.

One big issue for writers is to deal with distractions next to beating the deadlines. Both actually come hand in hand- you can’t beat that dreaded deadline if you don’t learn how to counter the distractions surrounding you. But you don’t mostly acknowledge this fact, believing that the surest way to succeed at writing is finishing everything before it’s due. That’s the wrong way to go.

Get this great markdown text editor for $2.99 USD from the App Store.