Google has released yet another extension for Chrome that lets users open files from Google Drive directly from compatible apps installed on their Mac or PC.

The new Chrome extension takes the hassle out of opening heavy apps like 3D animation and design software, advanced photo and video editing tools, and accounting and tax programs, according to SiteProNews.

So, when your Google Editor just doesn’t cut it, you can use the new Chrome extension to edit your Drive photos in Adobe Photoshop without leaving the browser. Here’s how it works: Simply right-click on the file in Google Drive and select “Open with” to view the list of applications on your computer that support it.

It looks like this:

Installing the new extension will enable you to edit and save changes to your Drive files, which will automatically sync across all of your devices. Convenient, right?

Google Drive product manager Rachel Barton explains the idea behind this new Chrome extension:

“Browsers are pretty amazing things. Before, if you wanted to do any serious computing, you’d have to install software onto your computer. But these days, most of that can be done right from within the browser.

For example, you can use Google Drive to preview files directly in Gmail, create and share Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and even edit other file types like Microsoft Office documents without installing a single thing on your hard drive. But here’s the catch: when it comes to browsers and installed applications “working well together, they aren’t quite on the same page.

So, no matter what you keep in Drive, using the Web to access and manage files doesn’t mean you’re limited to using applications that only work in your browser.”

Now, before you can install the extension, you’ll need to upgrade your Google Drive to the newest version – if you haven’t already.