Today, companies are taking advantage of the cloud for storing and managing their data. But despite being a faster, cheaper and more secure solution than hardware storage, using the cloud still raises safety concerns.

To this end, IBM is pitching peace of mind with its intelligent security portfolio, built to safeguard enterprise data and applications that sit on the cloud.

The IBM Dynamic Cloud Security, as the service is called, provides a suite of tools that uses advanced analytics for authenticating access to a business’ enterprise, private and public clouds and mobile devices.

“IBM Dynamic Cloud Security is designed to be flexible and help protect workloads in whatever form you use the cloud, be it Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS),” reads the company website.

“We bridge your existing security investments with our latest technology, crafting an integrated system that includes traditional IT, private, public and hybrid cloud models. Using analytics and controls throughout the cloud, we help you enhance your security operations for efficiency and quick response to threats.”

IBM Dynamic Cloud Security Features

The service helps large companies manage access to see who is using their cloud and where they are accessing it from. Its cloud identity management tools give companies the ability to authenticate authorised users who try to access their systems.

IBM offers cloud-optimised controls to help identify vulnerabilities in cloud-based apps and the company’s IT infrastructure in order to defend them from malicious attacks.

With advanced security analytics, IBM also helps determine security breaches and compliance violations in real time, enabling companies to act with speed. Skilled analysts and security experts are also available to help companies manage and assess their existing data security practices.

The service is slated for release this quarter.