The Google Search App boasts “a new look and more smarts” to help users juggle their work and social activities more easily. Take note, this is for people whose mobile devices are running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

Now, the Google Search App looks “spiffier”, thanks to the patented Material Design, which seamlessly integrates visual, motion and interaction elements across different devices and platforms.

“Whether you’re searching for the best sushi in Chicago, or you’re researching Van Gogh’s Irises for a school paper, you might notice the results you see in the Google app look a bit spiffier. That’s because we’re beginning to roll out Material Design to search, with bold colors, fluid animations and simplified layouts,” reads a Google blog post.

If you’ve already got your hands on one of the newest Android Lollipop devices, you’ll know how the new experience feels.

According to Anantica Singh, Google product manager of Search, the updated app will enable those using Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Samsung Galaxy Note4 to set up their device so that the “Ok Google” command will work even when their screen is off or the phone is unplugged. This comes in handy when you’re, say, baking and you need a quick unit conversion but don’t want the dough all over your phone.

The new Google Search app can now also search the info you need, even if it’s in another app. For instance, if you use the prompt “Ok Google, search Tumblr for ‘Things Organized Neatly’”, Google will automatically open the app for you.

You can also look up hotels on TripAdvisor, listen to TuneIn, research properties on Trulia or watch videos on YouTube – right from the Google app.

Aside from that, here’s another cool functionality that will make your life easier:

“You can also rely more and more on the Google app to help you organize your life: you may notice a new card asking if you want to be reminded of, say, “dinner with Chris” or “drinks with Susan.” For those times you’ve gotten an email about something but forgotten to follow up, Google can now catch potential plans buried in your Gmail: it’ll prompt you to add them to your calendar then serve up reminders, so you can stay on top of staying in touch.”

On top of that, the Google Search app can double as a virtual coin that you can, well, toss whenever you’re caught between, say, ordering chow mien or pizza. All you have to do is say “Ok Google, flip a coin” and you can make those decisions in a jiffy. Cool, eh?