Successful individuals consistently find ways to be on the edge. This habit is especially critical for marketing professionals since not only they are the face of the company to the digital realm but they also serve as the channels that radiate positivity into the brand and outwards to the consumers.

That said, it is important for marketers to lay their plans out and develop a set routine of tasks day in and day out. Without further ado, here are 4 things all outstanding marketers do every single day.

  1. They begin the day with a to-do-list of priorities

Any marketers who want to make a name for themselves must consider list-making a daily ritual. By making a list of your priorities before your work starts gives you a sense of purpose and direction. Make sure that what you are listing down are your top priorities (urgent and important) and that they must be accomplished before the day ends.

As a piece of advice coming from a productivity guru, Tony Schwartz, “do the most important task of the day first thing in the morning when you are most rested and least distracted.” In other words, deal with the most difficult tasks first, eliminating the unnecessary tasks out of the list.

  1. They have SMART objectives in mind

An effective way to set objectives is by following the renowned acronym SMART, meaning your objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scaled. An objective that is based on this principle has a higher chance of succeeding primarily because they are clear, feasible and has a deadline which helps you to work through the task completion.

  1. They run the numbers

Assuming you already have come up with your list of priorities and a set of objectives for the day, you must establish accurate numbers that will gauge the success or failure rate of your tasks. Keep in mind that whatever tasks you have prepared they can either make or break the entire marketing campaign.

To give you a better idea on what this is all about, start by checking the vital statistics for all your campaigns. This may entail you to run the numbers the previous day, such as the site traffic, the total sales or the amount of opened email newsletters and clicked-through posts.

Whatever results the metrics show, run them to get a good grip of how you are doing with respect to your goals.

  1. They do quick huddles with the team

A marketer’s job requires socialisation, hence the necessity to interact with the team – helping them to unleash their potentials so that the work for the day can be done much easily and effectively.

A daily ten-minute huddle with the marketing team, where each member shares how their respective KRAs are can help the entire team to work on the same track. Inform your team about the current challenges you are facing and those that you may be facing in the near future. It is also imperative that you update them with the key projects that will be rolling out and seek their insights when necessary.