Entrepreneurs live the dream: being your own boss, having the freedom to express creativity, pursuing your passion and sparking innovation. So it’s unsurprising why so many people aspire to be one.

But building a business and keeping it running for years down the road is incredibly hard, which is why not too many aspiring entrepreneurs succeed. But what is it that successful entrepreneurs do differently?

They dance with fear

When you are investing a lot of your money, time and energy into something, it is pretty normal to feel an immense amount of fear. But you could either choose to let that fear dictate your decisions or learn to work with it. A true entrepreneur always chooses the latter. You know why?

It’s because they know that fear becomes way more manageable when you acknowledge it and start working with it. And besides, nobody said business is not without any risks. If you do something different, fear will be there. It’s either you get through to the other side unharmed or you get burned. Either way, you will pick up a lesson and get a lot smarter.

They own up to their weaknesses

If you are honest and open about your shortcomings and weaknesses, people will take you more seriously on things you do know. On the other hand, if you keep ignoring your flaws, they will hold you back and keep you second-guessing your every move.

Be keen on asking for help you need it, just as you would be keen on lending your expertise when others seek it. Find a mentor – the right one, that is. They will help you stay grounded, objective and focused.

They do more than just sell

Many business owners would call it success when they are able to sell their products, but entrepreneurs don’t stop there. A true entrepreneur would care about the more important thing: is the customer actually using the product and is it adding value to their life? A sale is just a starting point for cultivating a deeper connection with the customer.

In other words, entrepreneurs care about the customer’s satisfaction and experience with their product. Ensuring the customers’ satisfaction is crucial to forming a basis for trust. In business, trust is everything. As you innovate, you will most certainly stumble several times along the way but you will not fail because loyal customers will keep working with you.

They inspire others

Do it not only to attract attention but to also motivate people to act. When you inspire people, they follow you and help you however they can. You start a chain reaction that will get more people to believe in you and contribute to whatever your cause is.

Don’t just treat people as consumers but as friends. Rather than simply bombarding them with information, get them involved in any way possible.

How do you inspire them? Tell your story, and make it as human and relevant as possible. When (not if) you encounter haters, continue to do you. Dwelling in hate will only give them power and control over you. With every success you achieve, more haters will try to tear down what you have worked for. There is no way to stop hate from coming in so just keep moving forward.

They embrace change

Innovation is in the veins of every entrepreneur. It’s what keeps them ahead of the game and adapt better to change. The market and industry are changing all the time, so it’s important to tailor your strategy and tactics time and again. Everything must be flexible, except for your core values and guiding principles.

Entrepreneurial success is by no means limited to these five traits. But these things certainly make a lot of difference and place you on the right track to running a sustainable and profitable business.