Running a business can be extremely financially rewarding. But before you even get to that point, you’ll first have to go through a healthy number of gut-wrenching struggles as a startup.

The road to entrepreneurial success is not a smooth, paved highway. If anything, the path goes into sharp twists and turns and is filled with other “motorists” eager to reach their destination as fast as they can. The beginning is always the hardest part, but the rewards later can be totally worth  it. To help you get through the toughest part of entrepreneurship, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Remember that failure is part of success

Very few entrepreneurs achieved success without ever failing once. Take it from the iconic businessmen who have failed terribly before they triumphed.

Before he built Disney World – the world’s happiest, most enchanting place, Walt Disney was reportedly fired from a newspaper publication for having no imagination. Steve Jobs was also fired from Apple, the very company he painstakingly built. Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school not once but three times before he got his big break.

The lesson? Don’t give up after your first fall. Read stories about successful entrepreneurs, and know that you’re not the first person to go through those rough patches. When you realise you’re in good company, it keeps your motivation up and alleviates pressure during challenging times.

Turn to your creative side

Many of society’s most popular inventions and discoveries were made by accident, such as the chocolate-chip cookie, potato chips, the penicillin, microwave ovens and fireworks.

Some of these products were not what the inventor originally intended them to be, but they turned out to be even better. Sometimes the most creative ideas pop up during the lows, because the struggle forces you to think differently and change the way you approach your business.

Embrace change

Change is something you should always be prepared for. Many entrepreneurs and companies have disrupted their competitors who failed to embrace underlying change. Amazon disrupted bookstores the way eBay did to the retail industry or Facebook to MySpace. Rather than looking at change as a threat, realise the countless opportunities it presents.

Keep your eyes on the big picture

Again, there will be plenty of obstacles along the way. But like an arrow, you will be pulled backwards in order to get you right where you’re aiming to hit. Keeping your focus on your company’s vision will not only build your resiliency but will also empower you and your team to overcome times of adversity.

Nobody said startup success is easy. But all the struggles are worth it.