Following the underwhelming reception to its latest smartphone, Galaxy S5, Samsung will reportedly go back to the drawing board for its next mobile device.

The world’s leading mobile hardware manufacturer is currently in the early stages of developing the Galaxy S6 handset, which it codenamed Project Zero, according to Android Central. The said project will involve a new smartphone that will feature QHD display, a 64-bit CPU, a 16 or 20 MP camera and many other specs.

The 64-bit chip means the device will run the upcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is the only version of Android that supports that architecture.

The report further claims Samsung is debating whether to use the same 16 MP sensor with OIS it used for the Galaxy Note 4, or upgrade to a 20MP sensor. But, the front camera for Galaxy S6 would most likely use a 5MP sensor and will sport the same optical image stabilization feature found in Note 4, said Android Central.

The upcoming addition to Samsung’s flagship line of smartphones will also include “a Broadcom BCM4773 chip that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on a single chip.” This will allegedly decrease the rate of battery drain, which will make the Galaxy S6 last longer.

Galaxy S6 will also offer 3GB of RAM to enable seamless multitasking.

Business Insider points out the flop in sales of the S5 as the possible impetus behind Samsung’s alleged radical move. But, unless the reports are confirmed, it’s best to take this news with a grain of salt.

Who knows what Samsung actually has in store for its Galaxy fans? I guess we’ll have look out for more details in the coming months.