To help make traveling with Maps easier, Google is introducing a “slick new style” to its Android and iPhone apps. When users open Google Maps on the smartphone or tablet, they will be greeted by a remarkably vibrant and colourful interface.

“This new look is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world; with Google Maps’ new material feel, layers and buttons come to life so you know just where to touch to get directions, recommendations and imagery,” reads a Google blog post.

But, that’s not all. There’s more to the new Google Maps app than good looks. Google has also added more functionality to its Maps app to make it “your best accessory this season.”

For instance, tapping on a place’s info sheet at the bottom of your mobile screen will prompt an info layer to glide to the top, showing photos, reviews and more. You can also discover new places to dine or visit by clicking the More to Explore at the bottom of your map.

In addition, Google has also integrated OpenTable reservations and Uber price estimates into the app. The Uber function will work for users who have the Uber app pre-installed in their phone or tablet.

So, now you can make last-minute reservations for dinner parties and reunions right from the Google Maps app. Of course, the restaurants will have to be found on OpenTable – and located in the US.

To help you get to places quickly, especially on chilly nights or harsh winter days, Google Maps lets you see estimates for Uber’s pickup time and price in walking and transit directions in the app.

These are great features to have, especially you have lots of parties to attend and people to visit this holiday season. Don’t you think so?