Got a great sales pitch to a prospect but nowhere to exactly send it to? Don’t let the lack of an email address stop you from closing a deal.

In just a few minutes, you can already take hold of anyone’s email address. Simply use the eight hacks listed below to find this crucial piece of information. Just make sure that the email you will be sending to your prospect is valuable and personalised. Don’t waste the address you have simply for the intent of spamming the recipient.

No one likes spammers. The only spam people appreciate is the one in a can.


Here are eight techniques to find just about anyone’s email address in a short span of time.

  1. Press Releases

If you are targeting a company, look for its press releases online or offline. Most company announcements are written as press releases, with the contact information of the company placed at the bottom.

Companies always post an email address that look like this: But don’t forget to look for the PR manager’s email address because it may also be printed as well. Obtaining the PR manager’s email address is better than a company’s generic email address. It’s more direct and easily found.

  1. Mailtester

Mailtester is an email verification online application. If you are not sure what your prospect’s email address is and you’re only guessing, have it checked on The site verifies if the address exists on the server of the company.

  1. Email Format

If your prospect owns a website, you can enter it’s domain on Email Format. The site will list any email addresses it finds on the domain. If the tool returns with no email addresses, it will turn up possible conventions in order of confidence.

  1. Call the Company

Do you know where your prospect works? You can call the company he/she is working for to get his/her contact information, especially his/her email address. Try contacting the company’s general inquiries phone number and ask for the email address of the person you’re looking for.

However, when using this technique, don’t mention anything that has something to do with you selling something to the person. Choose your words carefully so to not put the person on guard. Open up with a general request that doesn’t sound like all you want is to cash in from the contact.

  1. AllMyTweets

There’s a possibility that your prospect may have given out his/her email address on Twitter in response to a comment. But on Twitter, tweets are buried fast under hundreds of new ones that loading more of them can take a lot of time.

AllMyTweets allows you to view all the tweets someone has posted on one screen after entering his/her username. The page will then be populated with tweets. Search for the email or company website among the tweets. They will usually appear if ever the company or your prospect has ever tweeted about it.

  1. Email Generator + Rapportive

Given that this technique uses two tools, it’s obvious that this is done in two steps. First, use an email generator site like Email Address Guesser and enter a potential recipient’s name and email domain. The tool will generate a long list of all possible email addresses of the person.

Then, download Rapportive, a free Gmail add-on that will show you a sidebar with the recipient’s public LinkedIn information.

Lastly, compose a new Gmail message and copy paste the list of potential email addresses into the “send to” box. Use Rapportive and click on each email address. If the said tool displays a LinkedIn account associated with a particular email address, the sidebar will automatically fill with data. If this happens, you got the correct email address of your prospect.


With, finding your prospect’s exact email address couldn’t be this easier. The tool asks users to enter the recipient’s name and email domain. It then returns an email address!

If you want to make sure that the email address given to you truly exists, run it in Mailtester.

  1. Sell Hack

Sell Hack is an extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It lets you search for email addresses similar to However, Sell Hack also allows users to input social profiles. But be careful when using this tool as there’s a usage limit to it. Once you will reach a certain number of uses, it will ask you to share a link on social media or email a friend to replenish your credit.