The advent of social media has sparked the term FOMO even more. FOMO, which means the fear of missing out, is a psychological product that has people scrambling to not miss their chances on anything that’s rewarding. It’s a ploy that marketers and advertisers often use in their campaigns.

Whether it’s about keeping up with the latest news, friends’ updates online, and making exciting purchases, the internet has given us that fear, but providing us ways to mollify it at the same time.

You can also use this fear to your advantage if you are running an e-commerce site. FOMO, when effectively and ingeniously applied, encourages sales. This works by clearly telling customers that they may miss out on great deals if they don’t buy sooner. If you want to create this fear and do the same on your e-commerce site, here are some ways to implement FOMO best.

  1. Show Limited Quantities


There are thousands of e-commerce sites that are already using this technique. Sites such as are perfect examples for it.

You can simply state the limited number of a particular product on your e-commerce site. As with the case of, the site simply displays deals of hotels with their discounted prices and limited number of available rooms. To those who eagerly want to get a room at a particular hotel for the selected dates, this is a great opportunity that they shouldn’t miss out.

You can display your most popular or pricey product on your home or category page. Let your buyers know that a limited amount of your discounted product is still available. This sends out a warning to your audience and they are probably going to make a quick purchase so they don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

  1. While Supply Lasts

while supplies alst

This is a bit related to the first technique mentioned; however, you can do this even without telling the exact number of limited items available to buyers. Displaying the phrase “While supply lasts” can create a sense of urgency.

If you’re planning to put up a number of items at a discounted price, it’s better to use this technique. Warn the people that the sale runs out when the products do. There’s a big chance that they couldn’t take a chance on missing out on it.

  1. Offer Limited Time Purchase


Time limits are great ways to drive purchases. It’s the most common sales technique that e-commerce sites use. Once the displayed special offer is gone, it’s gone forever- at least in the minds of your customers.

If you want to take this FOMO technique a notch higher, you can let your buyers know how many hours are left before the sale ends. Plus, you can even state that the products are only available until supplies last, too. A combination of the three techniques would even make the promotion more powerful. This can send the message that buyers shouldn’t get comfortable when seeing that they still have ample time remaining before the promo closes.

There are still other ways to tap into FOMO. Test and find out if a tactic or two work for your business. Furthermore, you can use any of these techniques with your email marketing campaigns, which is a bonus provided that you have a considerable number of email subscribers.