BPAY has now taken over the digital space for viewing bills online as it crushed Australia Post’s revenues in letters. Auspost’s own digital alternative that once challenged BPAY is claimed to have failed in gaining the interest of its users.

Garnering an additional 1.2 million customers on Monday, BPAY has increased its existing 1 million BPAY View users. The said user augmentation came from American Express and David Jone’s Amex customers after BPAY offered a trial period since late 2014.

The service, which is owned by four big banks of the country, has seen a huge jump in its user population, claiming that the fiscal year 2014 has earned them a steadfast increase in registration by 18.6 per cent.

Just two years ago, Australia Post introduced BPAY’s would-be competitor MyPost Digital Mailbox. Following the launch, another startup tried to rival the two existing digital bills viewers and called their own as Digital Post Australia. This earned the flack of Australia Post as being too similar with the national postal’s own service. Digital Post Australia has since been shut down after Australia Post won a legal action against it.

Currently, BPAY has a staggering number of 220 businesses that signed up to the service. It has been reported that 84 per cent of people now use electronic services to view their bills. A statement from BPAY’s general manager of business services, Keith Brown, claimed that more billers are now turning into electronic bills as they are cheaper than the cost of sending physical bills.

He later quipped that the only competitor they see in their way is Australia Post, which he later dismissed as a blip in the figures.