Despite the wealth of available social data, marketers are still having a hard time integrating the information into their marketing strategy due to the lack of analytics tools. But the new Twitter-IBM partnership may just provide a solution.

Twitter’s trove of consumer data and IBM’s analytics tools, combined, will put forward a set of enterprise apps that will help businesses analyse tweets based on location, public biographical information and the emotion expressed in the tweet.

As part of the deal, IBM will also train 10,000 employees to consult with marketers about how to optimise Twitter data.

Through the integration, marketers could gain better insight into consumer behaviours, which in turn can provide better targeting and impact all other aspects of marketing.

“The possibilities are endless,” John Lee, managing partner at Clix Marketing, was quoted by “IBM specializes in analytics and understanding data. Perhaps IBM will be able to process Twitter’s real-time data and give Twitter Ads users greater targeting capabilities.”

On another note, rolling social data and analytics into one could mean more economical business solutions. ExactDrive co-founder Tim Nichols says the Twitter-IBM partnership “makes perfect sense.”

“Combining the two creates a powerful business intelligence solution that will take the raw data and transform it into useful and powerful information,” added Nichols. “Their partnership brings insightful answers into one location, potentially creating a more operational effective and cost-efficient solution than competitive offerings.”

The report further says the partnership could finally be the answer to Twitter’s search for a way to monetize its social data – that is, by trading their commodity with IBM’s tools.