In a previous article, we have talked about how consistency is the foundation of a successful brand. In order to be consistent, you first need to establish a clear positioning to which you will align all your branding activities. So what do you stand for?

Many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are not sure what exactly their brand stands for. As such, they are not consistent in how they position themselves as well as with the identity they project to their audience. This results in a weak brand that people are not likely to understand or relate to.

What does it take to create a strong brand, you might ask? Well, here’s the truth.

You must stop trying to please everyone

Branding is not for everyone. Take a look at the most successful brands out there. Chances are you will be hard pressed to name one that appeals to everybody. That’s because those brands are willing to be different, even if that means they will be disliked by many. They have made a stand about something in order to separate themselves from the pack.

Brands are like celebrities. The more popular they become, the more fans and haters they attract. You can’t create loyal customers without creating the opposite. But the good thing is that having haters draws attention to your brand and helps expose it a wider audience.

So you can choose to be different, or you can play safe. Just remember that if you make it your goal to not offend anyone, people may not actively dislike you but they won’t also likely admire you.

You must be loud

So you have figured out the reason for your brand’s existence? Are you embodying it in everything you say and do? Are you shouting it out for the whole world to know?

If you have a good brand positioning, don’t whisper it to the world. Be loud. Otherwise, your brand will be virtually nonexistent.

You may not be comfortable with promoting your company, but it’s something you have to do if you want to create a stellar brand. And you have to do it constantly if you want your brand to endure time.

Find your brand’s voice and make sure to speak loudly and clearly. Don’t worry too much about the haters – raving fans will simply balance them out. Just do you, and stay true to it.