Owning a small business demands a lot of work. From running the business to managing marketing tasks, handling sales and even customer support, everything else is rolled into one. With only so much time in a day, prioritising your work becomes a struggle, if not nearly impossible when everything seems to be imperative to your business.

Adding more and more tasks to your day can stretch you thin and make your marketing activities less effective. As marketing is undeniably one of the most important components in a business, there are several ways you can cut your marketing time in half while still effectively targeting your market and acquiring conversions.

With that, you need to relentlessly cut ineffective strategies from your marketing campaign and focus on the highly effective ones. Through this, you’re opening doors to activities which really matter to your business and therefore driving tangible results.

Here are practical and doable tips you can immediately put to use to get more marketing accomplished in less time.

Plan in Advance

While squeezing in all your marketing activities in between other projects seems like an effective thing to do, creating a detailed plan in advance is actually more efficient.

Although you may find it difficult to prioritise the most crucial tasks, more especially when everything seems to be really important, knowing which task should be done first makes your marketing plan become highly strategic. It is advisable to prioritise your daily or weekly jobs according on which has the higher return for your time investment and which you enjoy doing the most.

You can use some tools such as Simple Time Track or RescueTime to monitor your time spending on certain marketing strategies like blogging and social media.

Group Similar Tasks

Multitasking can likely make rooms for mistakes. Several studies have shown that carrying out multiples tasks at once makes workers less productive as opposed to focusing on a single task at a time. So, how is it possible to not multitask when your business seriously rely on it? Segment your projects into smaller tasks and group them together. This strategically makes your marketing effective, enabling you to produce higher quality output while saving you a ton of time.

Engage on Social Networks that Work for You

While research has shown that most B2B marketers advertise their business on six social media platforms, this should not be the case at all. You do not necessarily have to spend your time on each of those six platforms. Maintaining and optimising content on a handful of websites can consume a lot of your time, and even your energy.

Keep in mind that your social strategy should reflect your consumers’ habits. Do they hang out more in Facebook and less than in Twitter? This may mean giving up your Twitter account and investing more time on Facebook. Make it your goal as well to regularly check the metrics as to which platform is performing better, and then slowly drop the ones that doesn’t yield good results.