Adam Lisagor is a nameless celebrity who can push shy brands to fame with a deadpan face. You probably haven’t heard of the man’s name or of the unassuming name of his production company, Sandwich Video Inc., which he founded by accident in 2010. But, if you’ve seen one of the countless video commercials his company has produced and which Lisagor himself has acted in, chances are, he’s quite familiar to you.

Lisagor and his team were introduced to Chartcube, one fine day in June 2014. It was a monumental event for the chart-making app company. For one reason, they’d be meeting with the man who would soon propel their brand to fame. The remarkable circumstance will cause their company to be ranked amongst the best startup commercial videos that Lisagor’s team has carefully crafted to perfection.

Chartcube and Sandwich Video- Two Innovative Companies Fused to Impress

Chartcube, the visionary company that has changed the way people graphically represent data on spreadsheets, lets users effectively visualise and quantify data whilst taking the boredom out of the process.

With Chartcube’s profound and enticing concept, something that they’re continually improving upon, the idea of having Sandwich Video film their pitch is far from being an illusion. The production company itself professes to be only accepting neat tech products as projects. And so, we’re guessing that Chartcube is on par with Lisagor’s idea of “neat”.

The Production Phase

There’s something about Sandwich Video, something about their team who thinks out of the box, something about Adam Lisagor’s effortless delivery of lines, and something about their quintessential productions that reflect a typical Wes Anderson scene of flamboyance and good taste.

With Chartcube teaming up with the production company, it was easy to assume that the degree of creativity that would be laid out on the table was going to blow the norm out of proportion. The idea was to put Chartcube’s value proposition in the 1-minute video, i.e. the ability to allow users to easily converse with data in a mobile landscape.

The much-awaited month of September had the Chartcube’s team flying down to LA to shoot the planned video in a Hollywood-esque production style. Crews were hustling and bustling on location, trucks were carrying loads of video production equipment, and actors were rehearsing for their scenes – typical things you would see on a complex, big-budget film.

The End Product

Sandwich Video has made Chartcube’s video a symbolic reference to what the latter can offer. In the middle of a whitewashed small company workspace, amidst the four characters in all four corners of the sock-decorated room, was the giant spinning cube bearing a different kind of graph on each side. The holographic cube demonstrates how Chartcube works at a glance, with the four actors beaming with pride on how they use the product to improve their business and crush the competitors.

The 1 minute and 35 seconds video turned out to be utterly fantastic and edgy, designed to please geeks and Iron Man fanatics who are going to watch it. The only missing piece in the video was Lisagor himself. But, that would have made the video overly done.