Along with the announcement of the removal of explicit mobile device targeting in Bing Ads, Microsoft also introduced a new ad extension that will help increase the visibility and downloads of a marketer’s mobile app.

The new Bing Ads App Extensions feature will enable marketers to promote their app and encourage download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The extensions will display the app’s icon with a call-to-action to download the app, rather than a straightforward click-to-download button.

According to Gyan Trivedi, senior program manager of Bing Ads Applications and Developer Platform:

“These extensions will automatically be targeted to a specific user’s OS and device combination. Searchers will be able to discover, download and experience your offerings directly through your mobile app, thus deepening your engagement with them.”

Bing Ads app extensions will launch together with the unified device targeting changes next year. Here’s how they will look like on various mobile platforms.

This is Microsoft’s first move into mobile app extensions for its advertising platform, although it’s Bing search engine already offers organic app linking from the search results to Windows or Windows Phone apps.

Meanwhile, Google AdWords is much more advanced in this area, with a similar app discovery extension and app re-engagement ads on Search already in place.