Last Friday, November 7th, Microsoft rolled out the new Windows Ad Mediation, a feature that will help app developers fill multiple ad inventory to generate more revenue.

The company said Windows Phone developers are earning a third of their overall revenue from in-app advertising. However, there are no existing options that provide an optimal fill rate (eCPM) to increase revenue.

The Windows Ad Mediation solves this problem by allowing developers to “plug and play” third-party ad networks into their mobile apps to maximise their ad inventory.

Developers will also be able to customise their ad experiences based on market-specific dynamics, using different in-app ad SDKs. The feature also allows them to dynamically optimise their ad configuration to drive the highest yield.

To use it, you’ll only need to insert the ad mediation code into your app, choose an ad network/s you want, select your base configuration in Dev Center and submit your app update to the Store. The app update is only asked during the initial mediation integration.

Wonder how effective this solution is? Well, here’s what Todd Brix, general manager of Windows Apps and Store had to say:

“In our testing, Windows ad mediation delivered a fill rate of over 95% with a measurable increase in ad revenue. You can expect your results to vary based on ad network mix, target markets and timing.”

At the moment, the ad mediator supports SDKs from launch partners, namely AdDuplex, Inneractive, Smaato and Microsoft Advertising. But, Microsoft highly suggests that developers use the Microsoft Advertising SDK given that it’s the most commonly used ad control in Windows and Windows Phone apps and offers good monetization across markets.

Windows Ad Mediation can be applied using XAML for Windows Phone 8.1 apps and using Silverlight for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps.