Here at iMob, we’ve come across new apps to talk about. We’ve written software and apps that are related and alike as more startups create the same things over and over again. It’s quite hard to impress us, especially when we’re introduced to an app that has a staple functionality. But not Lucidchart. Certainly not this application which showcases a wide range of rich features to many industries.

Lucidchart, A Collaborative Diagram-Making Tool

Lucidchart is a web and iOS application which helps users quickly and easily create diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, and other forms of graphic organisers. The app is intuitive and powerful with its plethora of advanced features.

This amazing app also allows users to collaborate remotely anytime and anywhere. It’s real-time collaborative feature is enough to swoon us over the software. Imagine making a science project in a platform wherein your colleagues can add inputs into it simultaneously.

Whether you’re in IT/Engineering, Product Management & Design, or in Business, Lucidchart has everything you need to create stunning diagrams.

Lucidchart Interface

Because Lucidchart has some great useful features and tools in it, it’s going to be quite tricky and confusing for its first time users. When you open Lucidchart, you’ll see that it has a similar user interface with Adobe Photoshop. You’ll see shape palettes on the left side of the workspace where you can select shapes for your diagram.A dialog box will be displayed when you click at the bottom pane where you can use checkboxes where you can make some shape customisations.

There are also a comprehensive collection of shapes and UI kits for web developers in creating website mockups. If you have Visio stencil files, you can import them too into the Lucidchart shape libraries.

Athough it’s packed with advanced features to confuse you as a beginner, you’ll eventually get used to navigating and using Lucidchart. You’ll never regret learning about the application as it can do good for your business or project presentations.

Availing Lucidchart

You can avail Lucidchart’s 14-day free trial to all the price packages. Lucidchart has four packages: the Basic for single user, Pro for single user, Team for 5-300 users, and Free for single users but with very limited features. No credit card required to start signing up.