Many organisations would try to keep the job internal, filling specialized positions with new hires instead of outsourcing work. Although this approach enables you to have a closer look over the work flow at a minimal cost, taking control in all of your company’s processes doesn’t always pay off.

When it comes to the marketing aspect of your business, there are a lot of specialized marketing agencies that employ individuals who have a wider array of expertise and capabilities in multiple niches than non-specializing firms. For that matter, they can carry out much more efficient work for a lower overall price.

So if you are on the fence, here are some strong cues that indicate it’s time to take the leap and take your digital marketing into the hands of a marketing expert.

Cue 1: No Revenue Increase

Your digital marketing campaign isn’t the sole determinant for the growth of your returns, but if ever your profits seem to be increasing slower than usual or you find there is no progress at all, it could be time to seek outside assistance for your marketing efforts.

While this may put you in great dilemma, keep a cool head by knowing that most marketing agencies use in-depth tools to measure the success of their ROI. They will be able to show you in details how much extra revenue you are generating per your outsourced marketing spend.

Cue 2: Overworked Staff

Small companies with only few marketing employees tend to work beyond the regular operating hours. For instance, if you only have three people and you need 200 hours of marketing work done every single week, it would be impossible for your people to accomplish all of their tasks. Thus, it would be better if you outsource some of the marketing responsibilities to outside firm to help lessen the amount of workload, more especially if you cannot afford to employ a couple of full-time workers.

Cue 3: You’re Behind the Curve

Sure, you’ll be encountering moments of high stress and high workloads, but these should not be your everyday scenarios. If you find yourself always running behind on your projects and campaign, don’t you think it’s time to look for an outside help? Falling behind on your deadlines may suggest you’re incapability to keep ahead of the curve.

If, for instance, nearly all of your projects get pushed to the last minute, leaving you sleepless almost every night just so you can meet tight deadlines, an outsourced digital marketing staff might be able to combat the pressure and stress.