With online marketing’s cheap and easily deployable campaigns, it seems offline marketing is getting less useful today. However, brands should realise that marketing on the internet is only half of the work. Offline marketing is still alive and its tactics can still be used in attracting new customers and raising awareness of your brand.

The trick is to simply employ tried and tested methods, all while being open to modern methodologies to marketing your business.

Don’t hesitate to use these proven tactics and see how they can change the way you approach your offline marketing game.

  1. Make an Impression with Guerilla Marketing

For guerrilla marketing to work, it’s necessary that you know a bit of how to think outside the box. This type of marketing employs unorthodox methods that may or may not work to every business. Nevertheless, if you believe that a certain tactic will translate to making your brand unforgettable and impressive to customers, then it might be the best to try your hand on it.

You can come up with quirky or unconventional methods that intrigue customers, such as posting sticky notes at locations with dense traffic or leaving business cards in the right public places.

Other widely-known guerrilla marketing tactic is sponsoring events. An event is a goldmine for marketers as it’s teeming with opportunities that boost brand awareness. You can get creative in promoting the event and decide on unforgettable activities and giveaways that can delight the attendees.

  1. Send Out Giveaways

Corporate responsibilities have always been one of the most employed techniques of major brands into staying relevant. You can elevate your brand’s profile by donating your products or services to a non-profit organisation. When your intention is for a good cause, those at the receiving end will express their gratitude by publicly thanking you; hence, promoting your business through their PR works and online profiles.

Another giveaway strategy is including a little branded item to a customer’s main order. The free product is some kind of an incentive that entices the customer to continue shopping with you. You can also offer free shipping if you’re not keen on giving something extra.

  1. Create Catchy Signs & Banners 

If you’re still starting out and operating in a bricks-and-mortar location, you should consider making eye-catching signs and banners. Customise all your banners to match the events that you are sponsoring; however, make sure that the signs all have the same logo and taglines. The key in here is consistency to make a lasting impression on the people.

  1. Speak Before the Public

If you’ve somehow mastered the art of public speaking, why not volunteer more often at local events?

Not really that type of person? You may not be that comfortable in speaking before an audience, but with your thorough knowledge on the industry, this activity can be very much useful for your business.

Share your knowledge and experience with others. Don’t think about public speaking as a means to drive more sales into your business, but rather a way to establish your credibility. Offering valuable information to people can help you earn their trust and respect.

  1. Expand Your Network

If there’s no way you can confidently speak at events, then attending them might just be as helpful. Make this as an opportunity to get out and network. Conferences and trade shows related to your business are great avenues to connect with people and spread awareness about your business.

Setting up a booth at trade shows is one of the best ways to connect with the people in the industry. You can hand out brochures or flyers, along with free products or services to cause awareness of your brand. The more creative your booth is, the better the impression your brand is making on prospective customers.

Offline marketing is not dead and it seems it’s not going anywhere soon. Once you can incorporate out-of-the-box thinking into your marketing tactics, you’ll see your brand appear everywhere. With the internet luring most marketers, there are still plenty of traditional marketing techniques left that you can take advantage for yourself.