Google is reportedly experimenting with a new format for its Google Shopping ads, allowing users searching for specific brands to click through to Google Shopping results for specific categories.

RKG shared a screenshot of it in a blog post confirming the test:

As you can see, the search results are for a query for Anthropologie, a clothing and houseware retailer. If a user clicks on a category on the paid ads section in the right margin, she will be taken to a Google Shopping results page showcasing various products for that category for the brand they searched for, rather than to the brand’s own product pages.

According to Search Engine Land, if other retailers offer the brand’s products, their listings will also appear on the Google Shopping results page. In other words, the results are not curated by seller.

Google advertisers would probably not be thrilled if Google implements this change. These Google Shopping ads are reportedly “advertiser neutral”. Meaning to say, advertisers do not bid to have their ads displayed on the results page. The problem is that this particular Google Shopping ads format essentially limits the control advertisers have over what categories and how their products are shown.

But, if you look at it from a user’s perspective, it makes sense. Since the user experience is not limited to just text ads and sitelinks on the web search results. The new format gives users a much better view of the product selection and pricing than normal search results on the web.

Advertisers need not worry, though, as Google has not announced anything about this yet.

Search Engine Land said that, when asked about the experiment, a Google spokesperson said, “We are constantly experimenting with ways to bring a better search experience to users and a good value to advertisers. As always, we are gathering feedback through the experiment, but have nothing to announce at this time.”