The days of opening a number of browsers to manage multiple AdWords accounts are over. Now, you don’t have to log in separately to view your Google accounts at the same time.

Last Friday, October 31st, Google announced a new, simplified workflow that will enable advertisers and agencies to “toggle between multiple AdWords accounts without having to log out and back in again.” The update is meant to help AdWords users save time and make their account management more seamless.

Google says with this new update, you can now:

  • Manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously in the same browser
  • Stay logged into multiple AdWords accounts or other Google accounts at the same time
  • Save time switching between accounts with different logins

This means you can easily switch back and forth between different logins and keep your accounts open at the same time in a sinlge browser.

To get started, open the account selector by clicking on your Customer ID or login email within AdWords. You can add more accounts using the Add Account button, if you wish.

Here’s a screenshot to guide you with setting up your multiple account sign in:

Albeit small, this change will definitely make a difference to the productivity and efficiency of advertisers.