Since Google Inbox was launched, emails started showing up on Google searches for Gmail users, The is reporting.

According to the site, Gmail users can now access their Inbox by simply doing a web search or a voice query via Google Now. The Gmail messages show up in Google search results for the following keywords:

  • get inbox
  • gmail inbox
  • my inbox
  • show inbox
  • inbox from gmail
  • inbox by gmail

The report says Google Inbox returns all types of Gmail content, including social notifications, promotions and updates. The feature reportedly works for both mobile and Google Now searches – but only for frequently used Gmail accounts.

“This doesn’t seem to be available for everyone yet, I tested this on three of my Gmail accounts and the thing worked on two accounts that I frequently use, but didn’t work on the account that I use less,” reads the report.

Here’s a sample screenshot of a Gmail message within search results on Google:

Inbox is an app primarily designed to help Gmail users reduce the time spent on finding important emails by intuitively displaying information that matters, such as flight itineraries, event details and photos sent by friends and family.