Google is helping marketers be more efficient this holiday season, particularly agencies that are managing multiple accounts in AdWords.

The search giant has introduced new AdWords tools Monday that will help advertisers save time in managing their campaigns and enable them to “act on key business insights at scale.”

“As the holiday season approaches, advertisers are busy ensuring their campaigns are set up for success, making it more important than ever to manage time-sensitive updates and make changes to your campaigns quickly and efficiently,” Google explained in a blog post.

The new AdWords tools aim to provide scalable and efficient workflow management in the platform, so marketers can focus more on their core business. The tools are designed to enable the following actions:

  • Bulk editing

Advertisers can now edit their AdWords settings and extensions in bulk across campaigns and ad groups. You can now edit location targeting, ad rotation settings or ad extensions (e.g. sitelinks and callouts) all at once, not one at a time like before.

  • Uploading changes in bulk

To allow advertisers to make changes quickly and efficiently, Google has created tools for uploading new keywords into ad groups, update budgets across campaigns and a preview option for new changes.
“The improvements to bulk uploads include more intuitive spreadsheet formats, in-context options to upload changes directly into the appropriate campaigns and ad groups.”

Google has also added advanced tools for customized changes across multiple accounts through AdWords Scripts for MCC, which launched earlier this year. This feature offers another way for agencies to do more complex editing tasks quickly, such as generating customized reports, sending automated emails and pulling data into and out of Spreadsheets.

AdWords Scripts for MCC can also be used to dynamically insert sitelinks into ad units, change landing pages or update ad parameters with real-time information.

Aside from these new AdWords tools, more updates will be rolling out soon to AdWords Editor to help users with complex changes at scale.