Marketing strategies vary depending on the type of business; however, one cannot go wrong with text marketing as this strategy is a good starting point of communication. If you want to inform your target market, especially the younger mobile-enabled consumers about your promotions, contests and other campaigns, text message marketing is a good choice.

Unlike with email messages that have far lesser open rates, 97% of all SMS marketing messages are opened and read. So if you want your message send across, then it is highly suggested to send it by text.

If you are wondering how to start your mobile marketing efforts, we have here some tips to help you. Take note, not only is SMS marketing affordable, it is extremely effective as well when you are able to create the right messages.

Build your contact list the right way

You want to reach people who are likely interested in your products or services, so build your list from scratch by asking customers and prospects their contact numbers and if they would like to receive communications from you. This tactic can also be used to grow your email marketing list.

Do not in any way risk your business by buying a stack of phone numbers from random vendors. Come to think of it, would you like someone whom you never heard of sending you a message about a business you are not interested at all? That said, create your contact list in the most honest way. While this may take longer, you have at least a good set of numbers of people who are sincerely appealed to your offers and interested to do business with you.

Make your message straightforward

SMS has limited characters, so make sure to create your message brief yet with substance. Given that you already have put together a good list of contacts, speak to them directly, leaving no room for fluff. You do not have to provide all the details to your offerings; simply describe to them how they can take advantage of your offer and its benefits.

Do not in any circumstance disregard a call to action. While this is a basic common sense, many marketers still fail to include a call to action in their marketing messages. You can say, “Text 123 to Short Code to grab the 50% off coupon today.”

Have an easy-to-remember short code and keyword

Text marketing requires short code, so look for a provider that offers an easy-to-remember short code. Since the short code is the number that you use with your keywords, if users can barely recall them, chances are your uptake will be lower.

As with the short code, keep the keyword short and easy-to-remember, too. A long alphanumeric code, for instance, hardly retains in mind. So if you want to have a higher uptake, have a combination of a short keyword and an easy-to-remember short code.

Offer something of immediate value

Your customers would not appreciate your text messages unless they provide them with something of immediate value. Since text messaging is an instantaneous medium and less disruptive than a phone call, make sure you include real-time offers. Whether it is an update of an incoming stock, announcement of a sale, a reminder of your customer’s appointment or an exclusive discount code, your message should be compelling and offer something valuable.

Monitor your progress

One of the best things about text marketing is that you can monitor results and measure your progress. Keeping track of the number of subscribers and those who choose to opt out can help you identify which actions are effective and potential mistakes that can cost your subscribers.