When building an ecommerce site, people usually have the ultimate goal of enticing visitors to only buy their products or services. They focus solely on monetary conversions and forget the importance of engagement to create repeat visitors.

Anyone who is adept in marketing can argue that making a profit and keeping customer loyalty are vital for the sustainability of the business. In the long run, you will only have to prepare lower marketing budgets since your loyal customers become your brand advocates.

You shouldn’t overlap the two. Not only will you confuse your site visitors, but you will also see no results at all. Here are a few ways to engage your ecommerce site visitors and make the purchasing process easy for them.

  1. Tell Your Story

The most interesting thing about a person is the story of his/her life. Human beings engage with one another because of it. We do not want to talk with a brand; we want to talk with human beings just like us. Search engines ironically favour sites that have a personalised touch. Big brands have been more open about how they came to be on their “About” page, and this makes them more approachable and interesting.

Make your brand personal to communicate effectively with your audience. And the first step to creating that personal brand is by creating an in-depth “About” page.

Ensure that your “About” page is trustworthy and memorable. To rank your page higher, you need to make the content valuable, readable, and relevant for your customers. Don’t forget to include photos or videos, contact information, and the links to your social media profiles/pages on the web.

  1. Create Brand Ambassadors Out of Influencers

Our small world is teeming with niche experts. If you look around your industry, you will likely see them on blogs and social media profiles that you follow. With that said, you should invite these recognised experts to make a contribution to your site.

Niche experts make your website look more authoritative and appealing. Guest posting also increases your site traffic as these influencers bring their own followers with them. People will be more inclined to comment and share knowing that they admire the people behind the article.

  1. Offer Great Call to Actions to Readers

A lot of possible actions can be done when a user visits your site. One of the most common actions is signing up for a newsletter. However, this action only returns a few immediate feedbacks.

To engage readers more, you can incorporate interesting survey apps or chat software into your website. These are very useful for collecting real-time feedback and building your site community. A survey app on your site will make it very easy for you to learn about the people visiting your site and how you will be able to take specific actions based on the information provided to boosting your conversion rate.