The first phase of the announced plan to unify Bing Ads device targeting options has been rolled out earlier in October, officially unifying targeting across tablet and PC campaigns.

Now, Bing is announcing the start of Phase 2, which will impact campaigns that target mobile devices. According to Bings Ads program manager Gyan Trivedi, explicit mobile device will be eliminated to make its ad campaign management fully compatible with Google AdWords.

“Advertisers will be able to leverage bid modifiers on Mobile,” he wrote in a blog post. “We will continue having the bid modifier on Tablet as well. Once this change is rolled out, there should be complete compatibility between how ad campaigns are managed in Google AdWords and in Bing Ads.”

Consequently, instead of seeing these current Bing Ads device targeting options:

advertisers will be seeing this come March 2015, when the final changes are complete:

Search Engine Land pointed out that the unification of all Bing Ads device targeting options across campaigns is Microsoft’s way of bringing parity between its own ad platform and Google’s. The idea is that, by eliminating the need to navigate a completely different platform than the more commonly used one – AdWords, advertisers will be willing to spend more time in Bing Ads.

The difference between the two platforms is that, although Bing Ads has already taken away the ability to bid separately on tablet campaigns, it nevertheless provided advertisers a bid modifier on tablets – a feature that Google AdWords does not provide.