On Monday, the Auctions Insights feature, originally released in Bing Ads Intelligence, was made available in the web interface.

The feature, found on the Campaigns page on the Bing Ads web UI, is available for campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

How Does Auction Insights Work?

Rachel Li, program manager of Bing Ads Platform, explained that when someone performs a search on the Yahoo Bing Network, an auction process occurs to determine which ads will be displayed and where they will be placed on the results page.

“Strategic marketers want to know who their competition in this auction is, and how their ad’s performance compares. The Auction Insights report gives you this information, so you can get a strategic edge on the competition,” she added.

The feature allows Bing Ads advertisers to get an overview of their competitor’s info simply by adjusting the date range on the Campaigns page.

There is a minimum threshold of activity that must be met in order for the auction data to be available. You’ll know when it is when you apply the Auction Insights filter in the Keywords tab of the Campaigns page. Your competitors for a particular auction are identified by their display URL and Auction insights display up 25 of these URLs, ranked based on their impression shares.

Microsoft believes insights from those ad auctions will empower marketers to make smarter decisions and to stay competitive in the advertising space.

Auction Insights is now available to US advertisers.