In the digital era, marketers excessively prey on millenials, and there are enough reasons why they should do so. However, it is necessary that they not put behind other groups and opportunities as they incessantly go after this demographic.

Surprisingly, as attested by social media, there is just so much to be gained from baby boomers and that is what many advertisers fail to target. The 50-plus crowd doesn’t just hang out on several online platforms but they are also avid digital consumers, shelling out $7 billion online each year according to Forbes.

And despite nearing retirement age, baby boomers explicate almost half of consumer packaged goods spending and are predicted by Nielsen Study to control 70% of disposable income in the coming years. Additionally, a poll from Gallop showed that baby boomers at the older end of their generation are more confident about their finances as opposed to those at the younger end.

The demographic is impressively purpose-driven in their digital habits, taking action after watching an ad or searching online. Boomers are more flexible as well to individualised targeting than millennials.

Here are five interesting facts about digital baby boomers:

  1. They account for 40% of all wireless consumers as revealed in the Nielsen data.
  2. Similar to the sought-after 18-49 age group, younger boomers are just as likely to spend more time online. And over half of their demographic have purchased online in the past three months.
  3. Most baby boomers are going mobile, 60% checks product information on tablet and 58% on their mobile phones.
  4. They feel good about the spending, regardless of the amount. They are more likely to spend lavishly – making a big purchase such as a car or make significant home repairs.
  5. They are more confident of their financial resources and believe to be financially capable to do what they want to do.

So what may come as a surprise is that only five percent of business marketing and advertising chases this most valuable generation. Now that you’ve seized some relevant information about baby boomers, this might be the perfect time to capitalize on them and grow your business.