GIFs, the Harry Potter-style animated images, have gained a newfound popularity since social networking sites like Google+ and Twitter announced support for the format.

And now, Bing is jumping on the bandwagon with its new Bing Images filter, which lets users only see animated images in the search results.

So, if you want to find moving pictures or animated graphics to share on your favourite social network, you can quickly narrow down your images searches on Bing by using the animated GIF filter.

To use the feature, go to Bing Images and type in a query. Then, click on the Type filter and select “Animated GIF” from the drop-down menu. After selecting this option, Bing will return only the images that are in GIF format.

Here’s a sample image query for “Halloween”:

Bing Images animated GIF filter

When you hover over an image, the animated GIF will automatically play right in the search results page.

Bing Images GIFs

Clicking on an image will lead you to an image preview window, with results for related searches showing on the right side of the page.

Bing Images animated GIF

Google had the same feature added to its Image Search back in March 2013.