Yesterday, Google introduced a new AdWords product called AdSense for Shopping, which is designed to help advertisers extend the reach of their product listing ads through Google’s search partners.

On the other hand, retail and e-commerce sites in the Google Search Network can benefit by monetising their traffic.

By opting their Shopping Campaigns into Google’s search partners, advertisers can reach qualified shoppers who search or browse for products on sites other than and Google Shopping.

“For example, if you sell tailgating grills on Google Shopping and a user searches tailgating grill on a retail partner’s site, your Product Listing Ads may be eligible to appear,” a Google AdWords blog post reads.

Your PLAs will be displayed alongside contextually relevant results, which are determined by the user’s query, the product category or the product name.

product listing ads on

example of product listing ads on

Like text ads, opting PLAs into third-party retail sites won’t affect quality score on Google also does not give advertisers the ability to control which sites their ads are showed on.

The product listing ads are shown as Sponsored Links, which the retailer explains is powered by the Google AdWords program. Currently, AdSense for Shopping is limited to a small set of retail and commerce publishers, including

As more publishers join the network, advertisers are expected to see increased traffic to their sites. Google, on the other hand, will gain a stronger foothold in product searches.

If you’re a retailer interested in monetising your site through AdSense for Shopping, go over to this page. Or, if you’re an advertiser, you can visit the AdWords Help Center.