Adding photos to your marketing content is a great way to boost visibility and engagement. But finding free high-quality photos to use can be quite the chore. And what you do manage to find tend to be marginal quality at best, irrelevant at worst.

Well, that was before when there were very few websites that offer them. Times have changed, and now you have a slew of treasure troves for digging stunning – not to mention free – stock photos.

If you have already tried Flickr, you know how confusing the different image licences can be and how frustrating it is to not be able to download high-quality images, which are often copyrighted. So if you are looking for more places to get nice images for free, here are six other websites you can add to your arsenal.

  1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a great option whenever you’re in need of artsy images to use as a cover for your blog posts or other digital projects. The high-resolution photos you can find here are inspirational and great for telling narratives.

You can easily download the images without signing up. But you do have the option to subscribe to get 10 new photos every 10 days delivered straight into your Inbox.

The best thing about Unsplash is that all images published on it fall under the Creative Commonz Zero (CC0) licence. This means that you can use the photos in any way you want, be it for personal or commercial use. You can also alter, copy and distribute the images without worrying about breaching copyrights, although it’s never a bad idea to give credit to the photographer or cite the website.

  1. Pixabay

Pixabay has an extensive inventory of beautiful, crisp images that will not fail to satisfy your needs. It has over 420,000 images that you can use without attribution in digital and printed form, as there are no confusing images licences involved. Yes, that means you are free to use the stock photos for both personal and commercial purposes.

  1. Pexels

With a minimum of 10 new images added to its collection every day, the Pexels library is a great go-to for fresh visual content. It now currently has more than 2,700 images, which are handpicked by the Pexels team from other free image sources.

The photos are of high resolution and covered by the Creative Commons Zero licence. So you can use them without any restrictions.

  1. StockSnap

With its long-term goal of creating a community of photographers that seek to share their art with the world, StockSnap is everything you’ll ever want free stock photo website to be.

It has a stream of trending photos that offers instant access to the most popular images on the site. Plus, it has explore features that let you view images according to the date of upload and the number of views received. Moreover, the site brings in hundreds of new images on a weekly basis so you always have something new to choose from. And best of all, all images on StockSnap fall under the CC0 licence and don’t require attribution, allowing unrestricted use.

  1. Snapwire Snaps

Similar to Unsplash, Snapwire Snaps delivers seven new free images directly to your inbox every seven days. Of course, this requires you to sign up, but it’s totally free. So why not? You can also follow them on Tumblr to receive the new offerings weekly.

As it’s quite new, Snapwire Snaps isn’t the biggest online library of free stock images. But it houses some of the most creative free images you will ever find on the internet, so it’s definitely worth using. Not to mention, the images on this site have no copyright restrictions so they are free to use as you wish.

  1. Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo is one of the most popular resources for free images online, and not just because of its quirky name. It literally has some of the best selections of premium photos available.

To get a fresh pack of photos in your inbox each month, you can sign up for a free plan. Or, pay $15 per month to gain full access to the entire library and receive a premium-only package of photos monthly.

With these six awesome free image resources, you’ll never have to use dull, unimaginative photos for your content creation and digital marketing activities. Go check them out!