It takes a whole lot of time to craft the average blog post. From finding great topics to publishing a solid article, the content we create deserves to be read entirely. Imagine the number of leads we could have converted if only we paid attention to how we maximise our content.

Even the greatest content can be ignored by visitors who have stumbled upon a bad one before that. They usually slip through the cracks without the intention of ever going back.

As difficult as it can be to create a valuable content and get the right people to read it, it’s the overall content experience that captures your audience’s attention and gives you indefinite opportunities.

Here are a few ways to provide the best content experience to your target audience.

  1. Concentrate on Long-term Discoverability

Did your best content fail to see the light of the day for a very long span of time? If your greatest content is buried underneath your most recent ones, you should start focusing on improving the discoverability of your content across your website.

Your content should be structured in a way that’s significant to your clients and target audience, serving their interests from the start to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Your site visitors go through different stages of the funnel; hence, your menu should be structured in a way that communicates what your business is all about and send them down to the final path of conversion.

To go about this, include a search tab to welcome individual queries to help your visitors find the specific content they’re looking for.

By accommodating both spontaneous and intentional discovery, you can resurface older content and place it back where your audience can easily consume it.

  1. Link Related Content

Basically, the more time a visitor spends within your content experience, the higher the chance of converting them.

Linking related articles to an individual post helps to prolong the stay of your visitors and keep them around enough for them to convert or come back. Recommending a related content directly is even better.

  1. Include Call to Action

Call to actions is important to solicit immediate action or response with just a click of the mouse. This makes the internet a better sales medium than print and most offline channels. However, you have to direct your visitors to click a specific call to action that recognises the visitor’s context.

Your content can produce demand for your product or for more content. But without relative call to actions or lead generation forms with messaging and offering that cater to that particular demand, you will fail to compel further action.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons 

It is somehow astonishing to find out that there are many blogs that don’t have social sharing buttons included on their content page.

This is huge mistake if you want your content to spread. Let your visitors help you distribute your content. Consider adding social sharing buttons and counts to leverage your content’s social proof and make a snowball effect engagement.

You can also add comment platforms like Disqus to allow comments on your blog and create conversations around your consent. If you take the time to reply to comments, you can encourage repeat visits to your content, which should be your extra chance to convert.

  1. Make Your Content Work on Any Screen

This has something to do with the responsive experience rather than responsive design. With mobile consumption now on the rise these days, you should make a few adjustments to make your content look good and work on every smartphones and tablets without sacrificing all other elements.

Your CTAs and lead gen forms still have to show, as well as your content discoverability.

Your conversion results rely heavily on your content marketing strategy. Whether you are tackling lead generation, social sharing, commenting, or content consumption, it happens around your content, right within the experience it is served in. Unless you will learn how to optimise the elements you put in the experience, there’s less chance you are to produce great results out of your strategy.