Colin Treverrow’s Jurassic World is, without a doubt, the most gnarly dino movie sequel in 22 years. Critics have claimed that the latest franchise didn’t hold the majesty that the preceding sequels had. But in spite of the grisly severing and blood spattering scenes from the Steven Spielberg-inspired flick, I saw a few noteworthy takeaways that entrepreneurs can apply to their business endeavours.

  1. Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken

To make the first Jurassic Park trilogy, the studio splurged a total of $229 million. Ticket sales skyrocketed to $2.016 billion in the box office. No wonder the movies prove to be very iconic.

The producers of Jurassic World saw that the formula worked well and believed that creating the film again was worth taking another shot in 2015. So instead of creating another dinosaur movie irrelevant to Jurassic Park, the new movie’s creators stuck with the tried and tested formula to earn billions.

Learn from this lesson and apply it to your own business. If you think your business is doing well, perhaps it’s not worth totally changing your model to gain new profits. Follow successful models in the past and if you can do something better, fine tuning an existing one might do good for your business.

  1. Make Every Customer Experience Great

Two decades ago- when CGI wasn’t as fantastic as today’s- movie goers who watched Jurassic Park thought the movie gave them a new experience. It had every 90s kid playing with dinosaur toys, shooting velociraptors in the arcade, or pretending to be a T-rex in the playground.

Imagine those children today as adults who still admire the film and eager to watch the new Jurassic Park movie. Not only are you targeting teens of 2015, but you are also turning kids of the 90s into repeat customers.

Moreover, parents and grandparents who remember the majesty of the older films quite well will also crowd into the cinemas. Bear in mind that the most successful companies in the world are always seeking to build lasting relationships with their customers- something they can greatly make use of in the future.

Take for example McDonald’s with Happy Meals; Disney with its reimaginings of old folklore and fairytales. Create a customer out of a child through great customer experience and you will see brand loyalty later on.

  1. Take Risks. Spend Big on Your Marketing if it Can Reach the Right Audience

It’s expected that millions of people all over the world will grace the cinema to watch the film. The smartest brands knew it and wanted to jump right into the action. Indeed, there were familiar brands who took leverage of the film to gain exposure, such as Mercedes Benz, Coca-cola, Samsung, and the Jimmy Fallon Show.

These brands are pushing the envelope to establish their position in the market. Product placements in big budget films aren’t new. Established companies already know how it’s going to benefit them even before they handed the cheques.

Even if you don’t spend that much and only put your money on a decent marketing campaign to reach the right audience, you are still more likely to succeed. The internet is one particular place where launching a cost-effective marketing campaign is possible.

Watch Jurassic World to see these things for yourself and witness Chris Pratt zip through the jungle with his A-Team of Velociraptors. Even one action, CG-laden movie like this has a few takeaways that can be useful to our professional lives.